3 Songs

by Shi - 死

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3 songs recorded in our basement over the Fall of 2016


released January 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Shi - 死 Louisville, Kentucky

Stoner Doom from Louisville, KY. 3 dudes playing riffs that are discount versions of better riffs.

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Track Name: D.S.S.D.
Sufferin’ every day
ya just tryna get by
Living each moment like yer last
Don’t ask ya why
Not like you got it bad
But ya lost yer mind
When life seems meaningless
You don’t even try

Yeah you know ya hate yourself
you want to die
Before you end this life
ya wanna get high

Living fast and dying young
It’s no way to go
Tune out the waking world
While you take a toke
Live slow, dying old
That’s the life for me
The paradox of reflection
Just set me free

Yes you know i hate myself
I want to die
Before i end this life
I just wanna get high

I’ve been waiting
Waiting all my life
I’ve been hoping
Hoping for the end of life
Track Name: Dark Lover
It feels like paranoia knocking at my door
The darkness creeping closer, vile overlords
She worked me to a nightmare, overcome with rage
Oh father please have mercy, i’ll strike down the one you hate

Black Liquor
You’re the one that tears my soul apart
Black Wizard
Send me off before the rising sun
Dark Lover
Twist the blade you drove into my soul
Dark Mother
Hold me close and never let me go

She lights up darkened chambers with a single gaze
Black fire ever burning, sorceress of snakes
Unfurling ancients scroll now, she begins to writhe
Oh gods below the surface, take control of this wretched life

Sweet lady you are the one who tears my world apart
Oh father claim me your son imbued unholy wraith
Dear mistress you gave me life to do with what you will
I’m but a humble servant how may i serve my lords
Will you let me be the one who strikes the fear in god
Track Name: Glossolalia Pt 2
I saw a light in the shady grove
It smelled like mercury that’s leading me back home
I came to god and i closed my eyes
He brought his majesty, i’m hoping that he’ll die

Ripping burns and fortress hungers, with the blame
Another life to mourn the way
Give the law to fold the heaven, in a cross
All the hope you saw there goes to leather never know

Couldn’t cross the night, with the home alone
She caved with crumbling, the staggering back stone
In god’s desire, he took your life
Uncalled the traps before you, shunned in a black mire

Pitching lifeforce from the hungers, not the game
Killed a tribe for no more fame
Till the broken humble callous that you gave
Sat the silent moment, walking, never will i go